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Counseling & Psychological Services

Therapeutic Services Include

  • Individual Therapy

    • Including specialities such as EMDR,                                                                                   Schema, AEDP, EFT and more.​

    • Unite for Her Provider

  • Family Therapy

  • Relationship Services

  • Behavioral Assessment and Intervention

Psychological Testing

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We know that sometimes in the therapeutic process, a deeper understanding of diagnoses and/or personality profiles is necessary for effective treatment. 

Our in-house licensed psychologist will guide you through the entire testing process, from initial consultation, to providing feedback from the results.

All psychological testing is administered by

Dr. Deborah Grossman, PsyD. Click here to learn more about her background and experience!


At this time we are offering both virtual and in-person sessions in our West Chester, Wayne and Bryn Mawr locations.


Please rest assured that we are fully prepared to offer all services via telehealth should COVID-19 restrictions inhibit our ability to safely hold sessions in-person. Should this become necessary, we will inform all current and prospective clients of the change!

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