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Joshua Hostetter, MA, LPC, LMHC

Clinical Psychotherapist for Rooted and Resourced IOP

Certified Schema Therapist

*Please note that Joshua has partnered with Growth Minded's IOP only, and does not offer individual outpatient appointments through Growth Minded.

About Joshua

Joshua Hostetter, MA, LPC, LMHC is a licensed counselor providing treatment to clients in both Pennsylvania and Florida. He graduated from Eastern University’s Counseling Psychology program in 2009 and has been working within the field ever since. Initially, Joshua focused his training in the area of addictions and then later settled into private practice using his training and certification in Schema Therapy to assist clients with their journey towards being psychologically healthy.  


Joshua’s professional experience includes training within the outpatient addictions community, having working in both private and community-based agencies. Joshua served for several years on Chester County’s Drug Court representing a mental health approach to drug-related offenses. During this time, he pursued certification in Schema Therapy to strengthen his understanding of attachment and human connection. In 2014, he achieved the Advanced Schema Therapist Certification and has been using this approach in Therapy to treat clients.  


In 2013, Joshua opened his own private practice in Pottstown, PA and established a network of care with local churches and schools. After relocating to Florida in 2022, Joshua sold the PA practice and purchased an established Florida practice which focused on the integration of holistic care. He created a system that worked with professionals providing care through Mindfulness Practices, Massage, Coaching, Psychiatric, and Counseling services.  


In pursuit of quality and effective care for clients, Joshua has completed Level One training to become a certified Brainspotting Therapist. This training expands the experiential techniques available to address trauma treatment within his practice of therapy. In late 2023, Joshua and his family returned to the Southeastern, PA region and he has since then reconnected with the professional community in the area.


Joshua has trained Master’s-Level Interns and Graduate Students towards licensure throughout his years in the field and continues to enjoy supporting those training to provide counseling to the community.  


Joshua approaches his clients with hospitality and care, working to cultivate a space of freedom and safety to explore the inner self. He uses his training in Schema Therapy, Brainspotting, Somatic Experience, and Integrative Medicine to address issues from a mind, body, soul perspective. Through the use of these trainings, he is able to address a wide range of issues from addictions, relationships, emotional and mood distress and trauma.   

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