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The Tales of Big Tree: Little Leaf Lets Go

Author Cara J. Dixon, Illustrator Anna Macdonald 

Little Leaf loves his life, dancing in the sunshine of the summer season connected to his safe and special big tree. As the seasons change, he is confronted with the challenge of letting go. Little Leaf tries to hold on and questions why he must fall. Big Tree comforts him and helps him to see hope and wisdom that stretches beyond Little Leaf's concrete awareness.

Little Leaf trusts Big Tree and makes a daring leap from the tree to the ground. In the end, the season of change brings something better than Little Leaf could have ever imagined.


This book is designed to show a process of trust when in relationship with a safe other. The abstract possibility, as seen when admitting the challenge, is represented in Big Tree's gentle guidance to make a change that initially feels scary and uncomfortable but leads to beautiful growth.

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