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Growth Minded offers therapy, consultation, assessments, and affiliate services in an effort to provide multiple options for growth in order to reach maximum potential. Our organization embodies a strengths-based approach and highlights the unique purpose and design of an organization or individual before assessing the presenting problem. This approach allows the process to be affirming, with intentional steps towards a foreseeable goal.


Health and wellness are achieved by taking the time to understand, putting the right supports in place, working towards a goal, and believing that it is possible despite any challenges.

The mission of Growth Minded, LLC, is to provide quality services that promote optimal growth in individuals, families, couples, communities, and organizations.

Many of our services and clinicians are a proud part of the following organizations:

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Explore the following offerings to see what is right for your needs. Have any questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out!

Telehealth Notice:

While all team members are licensed and approved to practice telehealth with clients in the state of Pennsylvania,

some of our team members are also licensed to practice via telehealth with clients located in the following states:


New Jersey • Florida • Delaware • Indiana • Virginia

If you have questions about whether or not a clinician is able to provide telehealth in your specific location,

feel free to review their personal bio or contact our administrative team for more assistance!

Current client? Access your portal here:

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