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Prepare and Enrich

Assessment and Counseling

At Growth Minded, we have specially trained counselors to work with couples and guide them through the Prepare and Enrich curriculum, depending on their needs. 

Click here to learn more about the assessment and the research that supports its effectiveness.

Rates and Packages

PREPARE - The Pre-Marital Package

This package includes... 

  • Three sessions with our specialized counselor

  • The Premarital Tool Kit

  • A Report for Clergy or Marriage Facilitator

Cost: $330.00


ENRICH - The Marriage, Partnership or Long-Term Relationship Package

This package includes...

  • Six sessions with our specialized counselor 

  • Couples workbook

  • Individualized relationship report

Cost: $660.00


Prepare and Enrich Intake Assessment:

Cost: $130.00


On-going Single Session Rate:

Cost: $110

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